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To the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earth

Did you know that before the spread of Messiah’s message, Gentiles often sacrificed their children to their pagan gods? Did you know that there were temple prostitutes, working around the religious buildings in the Roman Empire to “help” citizens worship?

Shalom in Psalms

The book of Psalms has been a source of spiritual illumination and encouragement for generations, because the Psalms are words of life to all who find them. These ancient Jewish poems speak of healing and deliverance, prayer and praise, lament and hope. They help us experience the fullness of joy in God’s presence and recover our equilibrium in a world where so much knocks us off balance and steals our shalom.


Enjoy the inspirational focus of this devotional. Draw near to the presence of the LORD as you learn more about His name in the sacred language, the Lashon Kodesh. Included are daily meditations that focus on the beautiful names of God. Each name is written in Hebrew with transliteration following, to allow the reader to actually pronounce His name in Hebrew. Be encouraged as you worship the beauty of His name.

Messianic Jewish Family Bible (TLV)

This personal size Messianic Jewish Family Bible (TLV) contains an extended glossary of Hebrew terms, original maps of the State of Israel, the complete Torah reading cycle and several Hebrew prayers that are just perfect to use in your family and congregation! Also included are 85 illustrations, storytelling headings and inspiring book introductions & more.

Making Our Peace With The Warriors of the Sand

The Arab-Israeli conflict dates backward to the dawn of biblical revelation and extends forward to the much-dreaded Battle of Armageddon. The times are trying, are they not? In the interest of helping folk discern the times, I think we do well to color today’s world news with yesterday’s biblical hues. A fascinating picture emerges, one that takes us to mysterious Arabia.

In The Footsteps of the Rabbi from Tarsus

With 13 of the New Testament’s 27 books bearing his seal and signature, Paul stands out as the New Testament’s principal interpreter of what it means to be “Christian.” In this companion book to Zola Levitt’s TV series In the Footsteps of the Rabbi from Tarsus, Dr. Jeffrey Seif — a Messianic-Jewish Theologian — looks closely at Paul and the fact that the major “Christian” interpreter lived, acted, and thought as a “Jewish” Rabbi. St. Paul… a Rabbi?

The House that God Built

A complete story of God’s house on Earth, past and future. This readable and entertaining discussion begins with the tabernacle of the wilderness and covers all of the temples: Solomon’s, Herod’s, the Tribulation Temple and the Millennial Temple. The past, present and future of the house of God on Earth are clearly explained. A vital and important part of God’s plan, which should be understood by every Bible student.

The Iranian Menace in Jewish History and Prophecy

Iran is central in end-times prophecy. At a time when Iran has captured the world’s attention with nuclear threats, Dr. Jeffrey Seif harness both scriptural and secular evidence to support his case.

The Warrior King

At one level, The Warrior-King is a story about the Old Testament’s David—Israel’s greatest soldier. At another level, it’s about the Bible’s “Son of David”—the New Testament’s promised “Messiah.” At yet another level, the subtitle David-like Leadership for Goliath-like Times indicates that it’s both from all time and for all time. It’s about trials and triumphs, and how God, through His Son’s graces, uses abysmal circumstances to improve individuals who rely on Him.