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Sar Shalom/Prince of Peace

The congregation’s unique vision is the banner around which congregants rally. At Prince of Peace/Sar Shalom, friends and associates care about helping Jewish people come to know Jesus and helping Jesus’ people come to know Jews. It really is as simple as that.

The community’s founder/pastor, Jeffrey Seif, retired with the title “University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies” at Kings University and as an adjunct professor of Bible at Christ for the Nations Institute. His particular gift is in teaching–and on the Jewish roots of the Bible and of the Christian faith. The schools Dr. Seif taught at have a deep and abiding interest in exploring the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. While classroom students explored the Bible’s roots with him intellectually, here congregants celebrate those roots socially. Here, Israel’s sacred holidays are celebrated in light of their fulfillment in Israel’s Messiah–Jesus. In ways it could be said that Prince of Peace/Sar Shalom is a Christian church with a very Jewish heart.
Those who have similar hearts may well find a home for their heart here.



Fridays at 7pm EST


Prince of Peace/Sar Shalom meets at Oasis Baptist Church

1211 East Sublett Road

Arlington, TX 76018


Dr. Jeffrey Seif and Dr. Barri Cae Seif

Jeffrey L. Seif was born into a German-Jewish family on 9 November 1955. He was raised in a typical American Jewish household, save the fact that he was sent off to go to school in a Yeshiva—an Orthodox Jewish training school. Though raised with a “traditional” Jewish upbringing, Jeff eventually came to a saving faith in Jesus, subsequent to which he experienced a “call” into vocational Gospel ministry. Jeff eventually went to school to prepare for the ministerial vocation, taking studies at the Moody Bible Institute, Trinity College, the Graduate Theological Foundation and then the theological Seminary at Southern Methodist University, where he took both a master’s degree and doctorate. Jeff served as a missionary with the American Board of Missions to the Jews, and has served as a theology ministry professor for twenty-seven years and served as the project manager of a new joint-venture, Messianic Jewish Bible translation. Jeff is also experienced in television, radio and more. Jeff has appeared in over 120 TV programs, shot mostly in Israel. Seif has written many books and articles, most recently To the Ends of the Earth and TLV Psalms: Hope and Healing from the Hebrew Scriptures. Jeff has considerable pastoral experience.


Additionally, Jeff is a proud graduate of the North Texas Regional Police Academy, holds an active police commission, and serves part-time in both the patrol and detective divisions of a Dallas County police department where he also serves as a police chaplain. Dr. Seif keeps active, traveling and ministering in various foreign countries and American cities. When not working in his various ministerial capacities, Jeff enjoys running, weight lifting and ballroom dancing with his wife. Till recently, Jeff was married for twenty-nine years to Patricia Lynn Seif, formerly a school counselor/psychologist. They raised two sons: Jacob and Zack. Pat died of Ovarian Cancer, and Jeff subsequently married Dr. Barri Cae Mallin, herself a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus.

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