Testimonial: Yeshua Is Lord

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A testimony based on Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Seif’s Sermon, Exodus 14:1 | The Miracle Performed With A Staff. By Ruthia Jackson.

Yeshua is LORD!
The WORD of God
The Gifts of the Spirit!

  1. Scripture: It is written that, “they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death” (Revelation 12:11)!
  2. Sermon: First, as I watched and listened to Rabbi’s teaching on Exodus 14 and 17, this past Shabbat, 01/29/2021, my heart was greatly inspired to meditate and conduct an introspection of; “What do I have in my hand?
  3. Gift of the Spirit: The Spirit has so graciously given His Gifts of:
    1. Faith
    2. Salvation by Grace
    3. His Word
    4. His Spirit
    5. His Righteousness
    6. His Spiritual Gifts and,
    7. Every Spiritual Blessing which pertains to righteousness and godliness!
  4. My eyes were open: As I pondered Rabbi’s message in my heart, the eyes of my understanding was enlightened to several revelations to include:

One. What Is In My Hands (The Bible-The Gifts of the Spirit).
The Ruauch HaKodesh Administers to (Sacred): Each gift I received is representative of the Staff that was in Moses’s Hand)!

  1. The belief and Confession that Yeshua is LORD!
  2. The WORD of God is in my heart and my hand for His Kingdom and Name’s Sake!
  3. The Gifts of the Spirit are in my heart as the Spirit wills!

Two. The Ordinary.
I agree that ADONAI often uses us in “Ordinary” and “Common ways” to accomplish things in our lives, to include Miracles, and great things for His Glory and His Name’s Sake!

Three. The Secular.
I agree that our: Secular Jobs, Marketplace Assignments, “Relationships with others,” our web of relationships, are often used by the LORD to be a witness and testimony for His Glory!

Four. The Acts-Deeds.
I agree that we must respond by faith with Acts and deeds which are representative of Moses stretching forth his hand)! We must recognize we have a responsibility to fulfill our part of the Covenant; that is, to be obedient to the Word of the Lord! The pattern in Biblical History is that God often chooses to work through His people to accomplish His will in the Earth! The Power of a Praying Church being one of the ways God uses for deliverance, healing, and prosperity!

Five. The Living Sacrifice.
“We” ourselves, must also surrender our own bodies as a “Living Sacrifice” without spot or blemish, just as the lambs were offered as a sacrifice on the Day of Atonement!
It was not until the lambs were slain and blood was shed that they became a sacrifice, however, for us, we do not have to die, we are to become a sacrifice unto the LORD! We are to offer up unto the LORD Our God, sacrifices of praises with the fruit of our lips giving Him Praise!
It is through the Blood of Yeshua, we become a “LIVING SACRIFICE” (We are the clay in the Potter’s hand)! Our very lives should be a living sacrifice to the LORD and to our fellow man!

Six. The Harvest.
I agree that when we recognized both the Spiritual and Natural Gifts in us, in our hands, God has empowered us to accomplish by the Spirit of Grace, that which pleases Him and that which will bless others and the Nations of the world! For Example, Father Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to the whole world. Abba Father placed seed of greatness in Abraham! The quality of our lives is mostly determined by what we surrender unto the LORD; what we turnover to him and the “seed” that we plant that we might reap a Temporal and Eternal Harvest!

Seven. Godly Passions of the Heart
As I meditated upon the Godly Passions of my heart, and discovered that, in deed, the things that the LORD had planted in my heart and that I had the greatest “PASSION FOR,” by His Grace and mercies, I have been able to accomplish those things; giving all glory, honor, and praise to God! For I can do nothing without the Grace and mercies of our LORD Yeshua Jesus the Christ!

The branch cannot live without the Vine! It is Christ Jesus Yeshua who works in us and through to accomplish His Will!


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