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Cleansing and hope

Category: Spritual Growth


April 24, 2020

In this week’s Parasha, the Lord speaks to Moshe (מֹשֶׁה) about separating one who’s unclean, but then reintegrating him/her after a cleansing period. During these times, Dr. Jeffrey Seif recommends that we do a sincere...

Shalom, Patience and Perseverance

Category: Encouragement


April 17, 2020

In his 12 minute talk, Dr. Seif looks at this week’s Parasha and explores aspects that relate to health and social distancing. He closes with one word he believes has bearing for all of us...

Let light shine out in the darkness!

Category: Life Worth Giving, Spritual Growth


April 10, 2020

Happy Passover. Hope you’ve seen my video—itself a link to a program that went out on TBN and Daystar this week, under the title of “Our Jewish Roots”—formerly Zola Levitt Presents. I asked Crystal Poppell...

Passover 2020

Category: Passover


April 8, 2020

At a time when we’re sheltering to escape the consequences of a plague, today, individuals might do well to consider the Exodus, and how great things came after the plagues that beset the empire, yesterday....

Leviticus 8: Leadership, Authority and Consecration

Category: Life Worth Giving, Spritual Growth


April 3, 2020

Sequestered as we temporarily all are, Dr. Jeffrey Seif’s brief message about being a priest in the home has a depth that might not otherwise have been there. Listen carefully, and consider what the Lord...

Transgression, sacrifice and atonement

Category: Life Worth Giving, Spritual Growth


March 27, 2020

Dr. Jeffrey Seif reminds us on how the Levites in the Old Testament attended to medical and public health matters on the streets, and weren’t confined to only working in the sanctuary. That point made,...